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D O Smith & Sons provide seating timber and Alu Slats to create a large range of bench seats ergonomically designed for strength, durability and comfort. Elegantly designed, these seats are intended to complement any surrounding. The S170 and S190 models come with polished frames and come with premium hardwood or aluminium slats. 
S190 Bench Seat

Timber features
Hardwood timber slats with Jarrah finish
Rectangle slats with Pencil Round edges for a sophisticated finish
UV resistant exterior grade finish

Alu Slat features
Powder coated frame to protect from outdoor elements
Polished cast aluminium for internal use offers a brilliant finish
Anodised aluminium slats
D O Smith & Sons benches are made to order to ensure their quality. They are also available in freestanding, wall mounted or surface-mounted models.

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Seating Timber and Aluminium Slat

S190 Bench Seat S175 curved bench seat S174 Bench Seat S050 Bench Seat
S170 Bench Seat
S190 Bench Seat
S175 Curved Seat
S174 Bench Seat
S175 Bench Seat
S050 Bench Seat S050 Bench Seat S175 Bench Seat S178 Bench Seat CS100 Change room Seating
S050 Bench Seat
S050 Bench Seat
S175 Bench Seat
S178 Bench Seat
CS100 Change Room Seat

Seating Aluminium Plank
APS001 Aluminium Seat APS002 Aluminium Seat C0090 Aluminium Table Picnic Set
APS001 Aluminium
Plank Seat
APS002 Aluminium
C0090 Aluminium
Plank Table Set

Seating Perforated Metal
S103 Perforated Metal Seat S109 Perforated metal seat C0035 Picnic table setting perforated metal S105 perforated metal seat S110 perforated metal seat
S103 Perforated Seat
S109 Perforated Bench Seat C0035 Perforated Picnic Setting S105 Perforated Wall Mounted Seat S110 Perforated bench Seat
S109 wall molunt perforated metal seat C0035 perforated metal picnic setting      
S109 Perforated Wall Mounted Bench Seat C0010 Perforated Picnic Setting      

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