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Seating good practice

Seating Information
 Seating good practice 
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  • Seating should be located where it does not cause an obstruction and offers the user a view. Public spaces that are attractive and in sunlit positions are preferred.
  • Provision should be made at regular spacing (ideally 50m) along recognised pedestrian routes, especially those used by less-mobile people or where the street has a steep gradient.
  • Seating should be associated with bus stops and places where people wait, wherever possible.
  • A continuous run of seating will add to people’s enjoyment of the streetscape where high usage is anticipated and space allows. 
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  • Consideration should be given to the position of the seat so that approaching people can be seen.
  • Seats should not be positioned where they may hinder access to adjacent property or be located directly underneath trees or other structures where bird droppings can be expected.
  • Seating should be located away from wind tunnels such as between tall buildings, which could make their use uncomfortable.
  • Where possible, two or more sections of seating should be provided in one area.
  • Seats can be damaged by skateboards. Locating seat backs against a wall will help prevent the problem as will the use of leading edge 'Skate bumps'.
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