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 Seating Design
DOSmith has a large range of Seats to suit any location or purpose, the following information will assist in making the right choice for your business.
Seats with an all metal framework, durable finish, armrests, slats perpendicular to the length of the seat are preferred. Seating surfaces should have ample space between slats; this type of surface tends to dry more quickly after rain. Seats should be designed to avoid entrapment hazards (see Australian Standard AS 1924.2 for head entrapment and Design Standard 15 Playgrounds and Playground Equipment for finger entrapment).  
S103 Perforated Metal Seating
  S103 Perforated Metal Seat

Armrests and slats perpendicular to the length of the seat help to reduce vandalism; especially the danger and damage caused by in-line skaters and skateboard riders. Seating is required to provide resting places for pedestrians and to provide places where people can enjoy the view or interact socially. Seats should be provided on key pedestrian routes to schools, transport interchanges, work places, social facilities and shops.
S170 Bench Seat
   S170 Contoured Seat

Design Criteria Seating should be designed to combine comfort, ease of maintenance and resistance to vandalism. Arm rests on seats which assist less mobile people and help to discourage anti-social behaviour should be considered. Arm rests may be omitted to allow better access for wheelchair users or parents with pushchairs. Timber is preferred where people may sit for longer periods of time. Other materials may be used where vandalism is expected. Concealed ground fixings should be used.
S190 Contoured Seat 

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