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A bench is essentially a chair made for more than one person, usually found in the central part of any settlement (such as plazas and parks). They are often provided by the local councils or contributors to serve as a place to rest and admire the view. 
Armrests in between are sometimes provided to prevent people lying down and/or to prevent people from sitting too close to someone who likes to keep some distance. They can also be a useful deterrent to skateboard riders. 
The type of seats chosen should reflect the use of the area. Places where people wait only for short times may not require seats. For example, taxi stands or inner city bus stops may not require seating or the site may only require a bench. The type of location should also influence the siting decisions, for example, seating in a town square may be sited on the edge of the activity, whereas seating in shopping malls may be sited at the centre of activity.
H103 Airport Seating
H103 Perforated Seating 
Where possible a variety of seating options should be offered. A range of seat heights and seats with and without armrests help provide access for a wider range of people. In high volume locations, it is desirable to provide access to seats every 60 metres. This may increase to every 50 metres in areas of intense activity. Seats are important where pedestrians congregate to wait. Seating may be required for bus stops, large taxi ranks and outside public buildings.
S190 Shopping Center Seating
S190 Contoured Seating 

Many people feel uncomfortable using seating where the back of the seat is adjacent to a busy road or path; they prefer to face these busy areas when seated. Seating is a major component in spaces that are created primarily for relaxing or resting. Seating in these spaces should be designed for longer duration sitting. Aggregations or multiples of seating may be required in central locations where they can be placed to encourage conversation or to generate a sense of place. This form of seating is normally inwardly facing, should be visible but not intrusive and sited in a manner that does not obstruct a view, activity or desire lines. Seats in secluded areas should be sited near or directly under street lighting. Avoid locating seats in grass where maintenance of the grass around and beneath the seat will be difficult. Also avoid placing seats around trees where they collect leaf litter and require increased maintenance.
 S1709 Wall Mounted Seating
  S170 Wall Mounted Seating
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