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Powder Coated Galvanised Metal Bollards

Powder Coated Galvanised Metal Bollards  
DOSmith manufacture a range of durable powder coated galvanised metal Bollards suitable for Public Street, Park and Building areas. Powder coating involves electrostatically spraying dry paint to the pre treated galvanised Bollard. The Bollard is then oven baked and the finished result is the same as  2-pack wet paint.
When the need for style and aesthetics are important, then a Powder Coat finish is the perfect solution. Powder Coating provides your Bollard with a high specification UV and scratch resistant coating, an extensive choice of colours and finishes as well as custom mixed colours and finishes are available. Powder coated Bollards are also fairly simple to clean as their non porus surface does not retain dirt. DOSmith recommend powder coated Bollards for use in public, crowded areas where the Bollard’s stylish finish can be displayed without undue risk of scratches or weather damage.

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