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Extruded Aluminium Bollards

Extruded Aluminium Bollards   
DOSmith extruded Bollards are made from a standard extrusion process such as used in manufacturing to fabricate parts of uniform cross-sections by squeezing the material through a high-pressure outlet. A Bollard sectional die is used to give the desired shape to the extruded metal. While many metals are used for extrusion, aluminum is most widely used for the advantages it offers. 

Aluminium extruded Bollards have uniform wall thickness usually of 3.5mm or greater, the outside surface of an extruded Bollard is smooth and can be powder coated or anodised. Extruded Bollards have an attractive smooth detailed finish and are suitable for most exterior applications such as Public Streets, Parks and Building areas. Most lighting Bollards have an extruded post with a cast aluminium top or base.

Types of Bollards:

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