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Litter Bins- Why Litter is Bad

Litter Bins
Why Litter is bad
  • Litter is unsightly and can smell bad
  • Litter creates a bad image for the places we work and play in
  • Accumulation of Litter detracts from the value of properties
  • Litter can be an indicator of urban decay
  • Litter can be a fire hazard
  • Uncollected Litter can be a health hazard
  • Uncollected Litter encourages more Litter
  • Litter is pollution
  • Litter can be dangerous to animals and birds
  • Litter is expensive to clean up
  • Accumulated Litter can block drains and waterways
  • Rodents and bacteria live and breed in Litter
  RMP600 Litter Bin
Stainless 450 dia Bins 
  L450 Timberclad Litter Bin
The design and maintenace of Public Park or Street Spaces has a big impact on Litter placement. Carefully sited and attractive Indoor and Outdoor Litter Bins have been proven to reduce the amount of accumulated garbage in Public Park or Street Space. Litter Bins in Street and Park areas in sight of users encourage proper disposal of Litter.
Research performed by Finnie (1973) in Philadelphia calculated the probabilities of people Littering in certain environments:
  • Clean Area - 15% chance of littering  
  • Dirty (already littered) Area - 33% chance of littering 
  • Area with litter bins - 34% chance of littering 
  • Area with no litter bins - 52% chance of littering
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