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Litter Bins Design, Style and Function

Litter Bins
Litter Bins Design, Style and Function 
Litter Bins are an important part of Public Street and Park Furniture. DOSmith bins have been designed to be attractive to enhace the look of their surroundings as well as functional. The more attractive a Litter Bin the more likely it is to be used.
It is important to site Litter Bins as near to traffic flows as conviniently possible ie not so they impede traffic. Bins that are clearly identified ie look like Litter Bins will get more use than those that may be mistaken for a Plant Pot or other container. Signage is also important especially for Recycle Bins.
The design of Litter Bins should incoporate essential features such as suitable opening size, liner size, material and finish and mounting options.
  LSM480 Perforated
Stainless Litterbin
  LSM480 Timberslat
 Litter Bin
  LSM480 Stainless
 Litter Bin
Stainless steel Litter Bins have a cheaper whole of life cost than powder coated Litter Bins, but powdercoated bins can be cheaper to buy initially. Timber slat litter bins are an attractive and durable option to stainless steel and powder coat bins.
Remember that well maintained Public Street and Park areas promote community pride, your correct selection of Litter Bin and its placement will assist in the promotion of a better community. Clean safe Public places that have user freindly environments also engender a sense of ownership as well as community pride. Better Public Park or Street Spaces will decrease the likelyhood of graffitti and other anti social behaviour.

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