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Buying a Litter Bin

Litter Bins
What to look for when buying a Litter Bin 
Litter Bins are an important part to any Park, Street or Public Space infrastructure development and management plan. Along with Seats, Planters, Bollards and other essential Public Park or Street Space elements Litter Bins help to make a Public Area functional and user freindly. When specifying or purchasing Litter BIns the specifier should consider the following criteria:
  • What capacity Litter Bin is required?
  • What material is best suited for the location?
  • What is the likely traffic flow for the location?
  • How many Litter Bins are required?
  • Quantity of Litter Bins versus size of Bins?
  • Is a locking device required?
  • How is the Litter Bin to be mounted?
  • How will the Litter Bin be maintained?
  • Is the Litter Bin easily emptied?
  • Is the liner capacity within Health and Safety regulation limits?
  • Does the Liner require plastic bag inners?
  • Are replacement parts for the Litter Bin available?
DOSmith staff can assist with answering these questions and others you may have when deciding on which Outdoor or Indoor Litter Bin is best for your Public Park or Street Space requirements. There are also specification sheets for all DOSmith products that give information that you can print out if needed.


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