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Litter Bins- Litter and the Marine Environment

Litter Bins
Litter bins and the marine environment 
Marine animals are some of the most susceptible of all species to poisoning and harm from indiscriminate Littering. The majority of Outdoor Litter that arrives in marine environments arrives from suburban runoff ie Streets and Parks.
Marine debris has a devasting affect on marine wildlife as the following statistics show:
  • 6 million tonnes of debris enters the worlds oceans anually
  • Every square kilometre of ocean contains 18000 pieces of garbage
  • 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year from debris
  • Over 1,000,000 sea birds are killed each year from marine debris
Cigarette Butts are the most common form of Outdoor Litter found and along with plastic bags and other plastic rubbish make up the largest group of marine Litter found in the oceans. Once plastic bags are ingested by sea mamals they can not be digested and they cause a slow and painful death. Cigarette Butts can take up to 5 years to break down in the ocean. They also are ingested after being mistaken for food, the Butts contain  thousands of chemicals, including cadmium, arsenic and lead.
To help stop Littering of the worlds oceans the proper planning of infrastructure including the use of Outdoor Litter Bins and maintenance of Public Space Areas are needed. DOSmith manufactures Outdoor Litter Bins for use in any Public Park or Street Space and the correct positioning of the Litter Bins will help reduce Litter entering and harming the environment.
Further information on Litter and the Marine Environemt can be found at:
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