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Indoor and Outdoor Ashtray Signage

Ashtrays Information
Ashtray No Smoking Signage
Ashtray Signage is an important part of any No Smoking Policy and are necessary when setting up no smoking areas. Signage is helpful in enforcing Company Smoking policy. DOSmith can supply custom 'No Smoking' signs to complement our range of Ashtrays. Signage should be used in Building and Street areas. 
It is advisable to get signage that is clear and concise in its layout and message. Most No Smoking signs feature words as well as graphics.
Thing to look for when purchasing Ashtray signage for Public Street and Park Areas:
  • Size. Select the largest sign that will suit the area.
  • Layout. Signs with graphics are best.
  • Durability. Is the sign going indoors or outdoors?  
  • Does the sign need to be freestanding or wall mounted?
  • Do you want the signage to match the Ashtray finish?
  • Visibility. Most No smoking signs use primary colours ie Red and White to enhance the message.
  • Is directional signage needed as well?
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