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Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays- Cigarette Butt Statistics

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Cigarette Butt Statistics
  • The Cigarette Litter Organisation stated in 2001 that 4.5 trillion Butts are littered worldwide annualy
  • Clean Up Australia report that cigarette Butts are one of the top ten litter items to be picked up mostly from Streets and Parks 
  • 58% of all Litter items are cigarette Butts
  • 10% of all Melbournes discarded Butts end up in waterways or the bay 
Cigarette Butt filters 
The amount of time taken to break down filters varies greatly depending on the type of Butt filter.
Generally it is accepted that Butts will take upto 15 years to breakdown in certain environments. Marine environments affected the Butts least with minimum times of at least 3 years where as a Butt decomposing in soil could brake down as quickly as 2 months.
Additionally cigarette Butts are highly toxic and each Butt will leach chemicals that add to existing environmental pollutants.


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