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Things to consider when buying an Indoor or Outdoor Ashtray

Ashtrays Information
DOSmith has a large range of Ashtrays to suit any location or purpose, the following questions will assist in making the right choice for your business.
  • Is my Ashtray in a exposed position or is it undercover?
  • How will I mount my Ashtray? Wall Ashtray or floor mount Ashtray or freestanding Ashtray?
  • What materials would be best for the location? Stainless steel? Powder coat?
  • Are there council restrictions for Ashtrays for the location selected?
  • Do I need an Ashtray or a Ashtray Litter Bin?
  • How durable do I need my Ashtray to be?
  • Do I need a light weight Ashtray as I will be bringing my Ashtray in every night?
  • What size Ashtray do I need? What is the external size? What is the liner size?
  • Do I need a lock on the Ashtray liner?
  • How do I empty the Ashtray?
Things to consider about Ashtrays
  • Is the Ashtray easy to use and a suitable size and type for the area?
  • Is the Ashtray effective in the environment ie indoors or outdoors ie Outdoor Ashtrays, Street Ashtrays? 
  • How will the Ashtray be maintained and cleaned? 
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